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Welcome to Little Weiner Dogs.

We raise AKC registered mini dachshunds and are located in northeast Pennsylvania on Lake Wallenpaupack, at very top of the Poconos. Our little wieners are raised in our home with us so they can be extra spoiled. They are well socialized with people, children, other animals and spend a lot of time playing together.A lot of effort goes into our little friends so they are happy and healthy.

We raise long and short coat dachshunds. We have the ability to produce virtually all colors such as reds, creams, black and tans, black and creams, isabella, and blues. Our patterns are equally as diverse, such as solids, piebald's, points, and brindles. We do not breed wirehairs or dapples at 
this time. 

Please look at the puppies page for available puppies that we may have.
Our guys and gals pages contain lots of nice photos, information, and links to their pedigrees.

Thanks for visiting!!!

Keith, Judy, and Tyler

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